How to Light a Parking Lot

Nearly 10% of American roadways and area lighting have converted to more efficient LED lighting. Higher lumen packages available at far less wattage have many advantages…but lumens don’t tell the entire story. There are drawbacks to poorly engineered area lighting, such as lighting trespass and glare. Common lighting mistakes can wreck havoc on an installation…

What is a System Bollard?

You’re challenge is to find simple, flexible design options that make your work easier. Modular design answers that challenge allowing specifiers to eek out maximum function with minimum components. Most people don’t think of bollards as multi-functional; they act as barriers to divert traffic and if lit, they highlight a pathway in a decorative fashion.…

Social Space Design: Site Furnishings

Social design is making headway in the Hampton Roads area and idmetalco is spearheading the trend. As community spaces become central to where we live, work, and play, architects are emphasizing multi-functional site furnishings. Large stones serve as both sculpture and seating; tree planters define spaces and create barriers. Lounges can be specified with i-device…

Design With Modular Lighting

Custom Design at a Fraction of the Cost How can you create 14,560 unique designs from a few dozen components? Modular Design! Creating your ideal fixture is easier, faster, and more cost effective with modular design. There are many manufacturers that allow for some level of modular design, but no one does it quite like…

Custom Lighting


Custom means that each project is different, that we solve new problems every day, and that some projects forge new ground in decorative lighting. Our people thrive on the challenge, and look forward to working with the unique, the extraordinary, the daunting, and always the beautiful in custom lighting.


Mark Architectural Lighting

Mark Architectural Lighting™ introduces RUBIK™, a revolutionary design vocabulary for the grid. RUBIK luminaires combine the familiar with the unexpected. Rethink the grid with enhanced design capabilities and lighting enriched with dynamic features.