You’re challenge is to find simple, flexible design options that make your work easier. Modular design answers that challenge allowing specifiers to eek out maximum function with minimum components.Most people don’t think of bollards as multi-functional; they act as barriers to divert traffic and if lit, they highlight a pathway in a decorative fashion. BEGA Lighting challenges these concepts with modular system bollards. System bollards allow specifiers ultimate flexibility with auxiliary components beyond the top lit head. While each bollard can perform different functions, the overall design appears visually consistent.

System Bollard Components

There are 2 components to a system bollard that can be combined in various ways depending on the design needs:

1. Bollard Heads:

Various designs in square or round, shielded or unshielded, 180 to 360 degree light emission.

2. Bollard Tubes:

Various designs, with or without auxiliary component; including features such as adjustable floodlights, car charging stations, PIR  motion and light sensors, safety sockets, emergency lighting battery, impact protection, and more.

How Do System Bollards Work?

Diverse tubes and various luminaire heads with a variety of functional elements can be individually combined as needed for your lighting plan. Select a tube with an adjustable floodlight to create special light accents in outdoor areas; no longer do you need an additional flood to highlight art, trees or facades along your bollard pathway. The passive infrared sensor can provide added safety or collect information for controls solutions. The LED bollards can be specified with emergency lighting batteries. As expected with modular design components, assembly is quick and easy as it takes only a few moves to combine bollard heads to tubes.

Designing a Multi-use Plaza or Campus?

Lit Bollards now do double duty as charging stations or to electrify additional power equipment. Plazas that host outdoor events can now find all the functionality they need through BEGA system bollards.

Designing a Government Facility or Traffic Vulnerable Area?

Those needing K4 bollards, the ram/crash barrier protection specification established by the Department of State, can easily combine BEGA’s K4 system bollard tubes with lit heads; these pair perfectly with standard bollards. This allows for a consistent visual appeal when specifying protective bollards in vulnerable areas and standard system bollards bollards in other areas.

Bollard Solution Planning Gallery

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