Why Choose a DC Fan?

Direct current fans, or DC fans, employee a brushless DC motor that uses an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. The resulting magnetic field creates the torque required to rotate the motor’s rotor. Running inefficient fans continuously results in high electric bills. DC fan motors consume approximately 70% less energy than standard AC motors, meaning DC fans are ideal for commercial settings, such as restaurants or warehouses.

The benefits of DC fans don’t stop with energy savings alone. With less energy consumption, the motors stay cool and the life of the fan is extended. DC fans are quieter, offering additional benefits to spaces where acoustic solutions are a concern.

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Benefits of Modern Forms DC Fans

Damp Location Rated:  Kendal Lighting Fans are appropropriate for damp locations.

Smart Fans: Today’s smart fans can be designed a Wall Control Panel, hand held device or an app available for Android and Apple, making it extremely convenient for the user.

Low Profiles: Kendal Lighting offers fans with an extremely low profile of only 9.3 inches. Designing multifamily units with 8 foot ceilings. These fans are a perfect lighting solution.

Excellent Selection: In years past, you might only have a few fans to choose from, but today’s selection is vast. For exaple, Kendal has 152 fans to choose from. Be sure to select the “load more” option at the end of the page to see the entire selection.

Additional Considerations for Commercial Projects

Beyond benefits and aesthetics, calculating airflow to determine the ideal number of fans, placement and mounting height is a consideration for commercial projects. We’re here to help. If you’d like assistance determining which fans will meet your requirements, contact us with your project details for help.