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  • Receive a Custom Quote from Selected Manufacturers

  • Receive Line Drawings of Your Design from the Manufacturer

Custom lighting design is easy. At Resource Lighting + Controls, we work with a number of manufacturers who can create a product specific to your needs. Custom lighting has a reputation of being more expensive than “ready-made” architectural solutions, but that’s not necessarily the case. Today, all architectural lighting manufacturers make lighting to order.

With so many different specifications available, components aren’t assembled until orders are made. This means, essentially, all architectural lighting is custom.

Of course, you may want something very unique to your project or a reproduction of an existing fixture. These require a little planning, but that’s not solely on the architect. Custom design can start with something as simple as a hand drawing by the designer, or an image of an existing fixture with instructions of how it could be modified. Either way, at that point we look for the manufacturer that best fits the clients desired goals. Some manufacturers are great at “semi-custom” and assembly, while others specialize in glass and others in reproductions and metal casting, and so forth. Finding the right manufacturer is our job.

Once a manufacturer or manufacturers are selected, we ask for quotes. If the fixture is within budget, great! If not, we work with the manufacturer to modify the specifications or materials to bring the product into budget. By the end of the process, the specifier has a professionally drawn cut-sheet by the manufacturer for the submittal process.

Custom designs start with a simple email or phone call to your specification rep. See our consultants contacts.