LEDucation, 2023 is gone. It comes around each year and we’ll feature our manufacturer’s here so you’ll know where to find them. You can check out the sneak peak below with the booth numbers. Here’s what to expect: Innovation, Beauty, Precision, Technology!

Manufacturer Booth Numbers

Aculux GB212

Crestron GB310


Focal Point AH 2911-AH2909

Holm GB420-GB422

Hydrel GB116

JLC Tech AH 2212

Kirlin GB402

Legion GB507

Louis Poulsen AH2302-2304

Lumato GB1023

Lumenpulse Group AH2109-2111

Mark Architectural Lighting GB122-GB124

Modernforms AH2116

Modular Lighting Instruments GB100

OCL Architectural Lighting GB207

Peerless GB120

PreciseLED GB720

RLE Industries GB624

Solavanti Lighting GB508

Soraa AH2702-AH2704

Targetti GB1012

Tokistar GB612-GB614


Winona GB112-GB114


JLC-Tech features the first indirect lighting product of its kind, the T-BAR UP™ is ideal for open-office plans and other spaces where a sleek modern design is desired. JLC-Tech offers the only patented lighting products that replace the grid in a suspended ceiling system.
Kirlin’s RADIANCE mimics full spectrum sunlight from 1650°K to 8000°K and is programmable to 24 hour circadian cycle or on-demand control of color and intensity. Lighting for Behavioral Health from Kirlin provides ligature resistant properties with residential aesthetics and well controlled glare free illumination.
Focal Point’s acoustic solutions are a growing fixture category. Offering both integrative LED acoustic lighting and non-lit acoustic panels to provide more comfortable and coordinated architectural spaces. (Skydome pictured below).


Affordable, integral acoustic lighting…it’s perfect timing! Goovy is available in 24″, 36″ and 48″ spears and three color combinations.
Mark Architectural has a unique play on shadows like no other troffer ever offered, Chisel. Photos don’t do this textured troffer justice; this video demonstrates how Chisel opens the door to design freedom.
OCL artistically fuses high performance with exceptionally detailed construction. Features like seamless one-piece molded diffuser found in the PLEATZ fixture speak to the quality of this manufacturer. We’re excited to see what OCL will unveil at LEDucation 2019! Booth GB207


PreciseLED, our newest manufacturer acquisition, offers something that no one else can do for the price…Zenlite Arc is the only curved recessed linear product on the market the thickness of 5/8″ drywall. With a minimum radius of just 15″, design with no limits! Booth GB720
Which LEDucation manufacturers target precision as a key component of their brand? Aculux Precision Lumenaires with diminutive 2″ luminaires that deliver more performance than conventional 6″ varieties. Booth GB212. Lumenpulse group’s nano cylinders for beam spreads from 5° to 60° and double asymmetric beam spread options allow for amazing lighting flexibility. In exterior lighting, Targetti’s Keplero is an inground LED fixture delivering adjustable projection options in white and RGBW options.
Creston, known as an industry leader in commercial controls solution will introduce Creston Home. This is breaking news! We can wait to see the new features and reveal everything to you in a LEDucation 2019 followup. Booth GB310
Of course, there’s more…this was just a sneak peak. See new products, industrial, medical, landscape, marine and architectural news in our blog: TheResource.