Bethel High School Library Lighting Design

Bethel High School library has a new lighting design and the results are stunning! The library benefits from large atrium windows that allows natural light to spill into the space. While natural light is always desirable, it can create harsh shadows as seen in the before images. Note how evenly the light is dispersed at desk level in the after images and how the floor shows virtually no shadows after the lighting update.

“It’s been a great experience working with Tim (Diehl). RRMM provided the design package for this project. Resource helped us find the exact lighting we needed to fit their design plan. We liked how easy it was to work directly with Tim. He provided us with multiple options. We picked the best plan to met the designer’s artistic selection, our budget, and the lighting needs of the library.” Electric Forman Hampton City Schools, Loran Lusk.

The beautiful quality of light over several reading areas is achieved with the Lithonia BLT troffer. The BLT is designed from inception as an LED fixture, not a fluorescent fixture with LED’s strips added. As such, features such as light traps to prevent insects and debree from entering the fixtures and many options for wired and wireless controllability are integral to the fixture. Because it’s so affordable, and the quality of light and integrated controls options are ideal for educational environments, you’ll see this fixture in several Hampton Roads educational settings.

The circular lighting and acoustical pendants in the center atrium are Skydome Edge by Focal Point Lights. These lights offer simplicity and versatility with a low profile, sharp knife edge design incorporating edge lighting technology and an unlit sound-absorbing companion to deliver visual and acoustic comfort.

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