Insects in Troffer Lighting? It can be a frustrating problem. Insects are attracted to light and if there’s an entry point, they will find their way in.


Understanding the Problem and Cause of Insects in Light Fixtures

“We often see specifications for center basket troffers that do not have Light Traps. Troffers without lens traps allow insects and debris to collect inside the lens.

Competitive fixtures by major manufacturers may look the same, but are not built the same. Acuity Brands troffers, like the Lithonia BLT Series, are designed with light traps that prevent insects and debris from entering the lens. I’ve taken photos in the field of competitor’s products (at notable installs) to show the results of installing troffers without light traps.  

It’s a common complaint I see when speaking with occupants who want to upgrade their lighting.” Kevin explains.

Identifying the Solutions to Insects in Troffer Lighting

What about the cost savings?

Kevin explains, “The Lithonia BLT is our best selling troffer and the #1 Center Basket LED troffer sold in North America because of its high quality and affordable price point. That’s why we see this fixture in a number of schools, healthcare facilities and office in Hampton Roads. The light trap is standard on the fixture, so it’s easy to solve the problem of insects and debris in the lens.”

Solutions by Design

The BLT is designed from inception as an LED fixture. It’s not a fluorescent fixture with LED’s strips added. That means that the light trap is integral to the design. It has a shallow form factor at only 2- 3/8”. It’s a versatile fixture with features and options such as anti-microbial paint, air return function, and both wired and wireless lighting controls options featuring embedded dual tech occupancy sensors. There are four lenses to select from: square or rounded and frosted smooth or frosted ribbed. It has a UGR low glare lens, gasketed IP5x rating and comes with two different light trap options.