Coastal Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is like no other dentist office you’ve visited in the Hampton Roads area. Dr. Mark Reichley and Dr. Cappy Sinclair worked with Covington Hendrix Architects to create a design more akin to what you find in hospitality rather than clinical settings.

The doctors are detail oriented by profession, “We work in millimeters.” says Dr. Sinclair when referring to the importance of small details that have a large impact. As they show me around the new building, their warmth and hospitality are perfectly mirrored in the space. Through warm and inviting, it’s clear you’re experiencing something different; cutting edge. The doctors were hands-on during the design and building process; the office design needed to reflect the same philosophy they practice in their work.

They carried that same philosophy over when consulting with design professionals to create their new location. As you walk through the front door, you’ll notice a wall of self-sustaining Reindeer moss that helps purify the air and adds a biophilic element to the space. Other natural elements include a wood slat wall that draws your eye vertically toward the expansive ceiling to a 90-degree angle that floats above. The front desk greets clients with soft black marble which is echoed on the moss wall. Warm gold tones in the light fixtures marry well with the wood slats.

“We worked with Covington Hendrix and they were great. A lot of our designs sitting around the room were pulled from Pinterest. We pinned things that we liked and sat down together to pull ideas that would work homogeneously in one space. Everything you see here came from a pin.” Dr. Reichley describes his experience with designers.

“Did you draw inspiration from other doctor’s offices?” I ask.

“Mostly hotel and restaurant spaces. Our vision for this space and building was to make it “non-sterile” with a “non-healthcare” (feeling) unlike anything else (patients) have ever been to. We reached out to more of the hospitality side of design.”

“The lighting is spectacular. Tell me about it.”

“When I walk into the space the mood is very relaxing.” says Reichley . “It’s a large space, and there are cold elements like the large marble reception area, but clients feel the warmth. I think a lot of that comes from the lighting.”

“You decided to work with Resource Lighting + Controls for your project…

“Early on, bidding the job, we wanted someone who was going to provide a high-quality product. We also wanted someone with a really good reputation that would stand by any work that they did and once we met with Resource, it was a no-brainer at that time. We felt very comfortable with their team moving forward, not just to deliver a good product but for communication and that’s been the case ever since.”

Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry is located in Virginia Beach, VA.

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This interview and photography is by Jennifer Scheffel, please contact for rights.