If you can dream up a controls scenario, we can help you implement it. Want to know what’s possible with controls? Schedule a consultation, you might be surprised how the Internet of Things can be controlled to maximize environmental comfort and efficiency.

After your consultation, your consultant may confer with one of our many controls manufacturers to develop a plan to accomplish your goals.

Next, a controls layout will be developed. We can help you find the products you need and review your layout with you. Or, we can facilitate controls layout services for you. When it comes to custom lighting products, we coordinate each step with the factory to ensure the controls are appropriate for your custom products.

A pre-construction meeting with our project services team is highly recommended for projects with complex control systems or DMX or Dali installations. As each manufacturer is different, our team with review installation specifics with contractors to head off any complications during construction.

Finally, two to three weeks before the controls are scheduled to go live, contractors should schedule programming and commissioning services. Our in house team is trained and certified to program and commission the controls we sell. With our local professional you can maintain deadlines and help facilitate trouble shooting quickly.

The Controls Process

  • 1. Contact us for a controls design consultation

  • 2. Work with a consultant for a controls layout

  • 3. Schedule a Controls Pre-Construction Meeting

  • 4. Schedule Programming and Commissioning Services

Contact Us for a Controls Consultation